Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wanna fly, I wanna drive, I wanna go

So for my first blog I wanted to write out my bucket list! I add to it whenever I think of something new so if anyone has ideas let me know! :)

.Graduate from college with a degree
.Build a school in Africa
.Ride in a hot air balloon
.Eat a fresh coconut
.Go ice fishing
.Steal a street sign
.Ride a camel
.Ice skate at rockafeller center
.Ride on a gondala in Venice
.Stand at the base of the Eiffel Tower
.Visit the smithsonian museum
.Ride an elephant
.Hang glide
.Milk a cow
.Ride a sailboat
.River raft
.Take a train ride
.Drive on the autobahn
.Have my dream wedding
.Ride a horse through a vineyard in Italy
.Be in Timesquare for New Years
.Swim with dolphins
.Swim with sharks
.Get a tattoo
.Buy a Vera Wang dress
.Save someones life in any way possible
.Do hot yoga
.Watch a soccer match in Mexico
.Have a house built and own it
.Enter a sandcastle contest
.Get tickets to ELLEN
.Take a trollly through downtown San Francisco
.Ride a double decker bus in London
.Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
.Have kids
.Go to an opera
.Take a jog through Central Park
.Go to a super bowl
.Watch a professional beach volleyball tournament
.Learn to drive stick shift
.Learn to wakeboard
.Ride in a taxi through New York City
.Plant a tree
.Try to make a guard laugh from Buckingham Palace
.Be on the radio
.Canoe through the Everglades or Amazon River
.Design my own dress
.Find out if P. Sherman 42 Wallabye Way, Sydney really exists. =]
.Coach a volleyball team
.Hold a koala
.Take surf lessons
.Go on a safari expedition
.Go backpacking in Hawaii
.Volunteer at an orphanage
.Rent a loft in NY
.See the northern lights
.Live somewhere in Europe for at least a year
.Watch the Olympics live
.See Stonehenge
.Go parasailing
.Go to a fashion show
.Attend fashion week in NY
.Intern in Europe
.Be my own boss
.Visit Central Park in the summer
.See the real pyramids and the Sphynx in Eygpt
.Live in Seattle for at least a year
.Donate hair to Locks of Love
.Buy a nice camera
.Sing kareoke in front of a large group of people
.Learn to play an instrument
.Learn how to salsa dance
.Take a photo of me "leaning" on the leaning tower of piza
.Take kickboxing lessons
.Go sky diving
.Go indoor sky diving
.Go zorbing
.Watch a ballet
.Buy a Betsy Johnson dress
.Run a marathon
.Go bungee jumping
.Be in 4 states at one time
.Go on a cruise
.Go ziplining through a rainforest
.Attend a presidential inauguration
.Make a wish in the Trevi fountain
.Complete 10 Geocaches
.Whale watch
.Model for something
.Spend a full day in a spa
.Canoe through the Rio Grande
.Go to the Winter X games
.Take a picture of myself doing each of these things

so thats my bucket list in no significant order. :) i know some of these are silly but i want to live my life to the fullest. i am making a scrapbook for this list to help me complete it. every page will have its own item from the list so when i complete it i will have at least one picture for every page.

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